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Corporate Social Responsibility


IHG Shelter in a Storm

When natural and man-made disasters strike, people naturally come to hotels to seek shelter in a storm. This is a key role of hotels in society, and one that is really important to all the communities in which they operate.

The IHG Shelter in a Storm Programme provides guidance on when and how to react to disasters, ensuring a quick and effective response to crises affecting IHG branded hotels, their employees and the local community.

A key element of our disaster response is the IHG Shelter Fund which is built up by fundraising activities in our hotels and corporate offices throughout the year. As a result, we are able to respond as soon as disaster strikes (instead of waiting to raise funds after the fact), ensuring we can provide vital assistance right away.

IHG's global partnership with CARE allows us to draw on their deep expertise in humanitarian assistance and provides a channel for us to direct funds to help local communities. If a disaster strikes where CARE are not responding on the ground, we will seek their guidance on the best local partners to use to ensure we can still get help to where it is needed.

The IHG Shelter Fund has already helped hundreds of people affected by disasters around the world.

The IHG Shelter in a Storm Programme enables our network of over 4,500 hotels to support their communities in times of disaster. 

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IHG Race Around The World is a global fundraising and awareness building event for the IHG Shelter in a Storm Programme taking place 23-30 September. For each kilometre pledged, IHG will donate USD $1 to the IHG Shelter Fund up to a maximum of USD $300,000.

On September 30th, 2013 InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort colleagues raised a huge 4043 km for Shelter in a Storm. This was achieved by participation in either a 5km, 10km or 20km walk, run or cycle, as well as all the kilometres our colleagues had completed during the week. That same day the resort also put on a Colleague Tradeshow to showcase all that InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort has to offer to both our guests and colleagues. As the Colleague Tradeshow required some walking those kilometres also helped the end tally. A huge thank you to all our colleagues who participated in IHG Race Around the World 2013 to help raise funds for Shelter in a Storm!



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Beacon Foundation

‘IHG discovered the Beacon Foundation through Social Ventures Australia (SVA), a national non-profit organisation that invests in social change by helping increase the impact and build the sustainability of those in the social sector. SVA has been a core partner of Beacon since 2003 and provides critical multi-year funding and tailored support including assistance with strategic and operational planning, ongoing strategic counsel, financial sustainability, governance and performance measurement and evaluation.

Beacon, a national non-profit organisation working in more than 110 secondary schools across all Australian states and territories, believes every young Australian can develop an independent will to achieve personal success for themselves and their community. 

With a growing wave of enthusiasm from IHG management and staff, this partnership is on the verge of something quite special. IHG Director Corporate Responsibility, Frank Hubbard said SVA’s introduction opened up the opportunity to extend the use of IHG facilities and utilise the skills and passion of the IHG employees to develop skills and talent in the community, alongside existing graduate programs, mentoring, job placements and more.

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Green Engage

Green Engage, our system-wide approach to sustainability is helping our hotels to manage their environmental impacts.

What is Green Engage?
Green Engage is our innovative online sustainability system, designed to help hotels reduce energy costs, with hotels achieving energy savings of up to 25%. The system, which has a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) endorsement, allows hotels to track, measure and report on their energy, water and waste, and recommends actions that will cut energy bills without compromising the guest experience.

We’re the world’s first hotel company to be awarded a LEED endorsement for an existing hotel programme, Green Engage, further cementing our place as an industry leader in sustainability.

Over 1,500 of our hotels have signed up and using Green Engage. We invest in the tool on an ongoing basis making regular updates and improving the functionality of the tool. For example, we've just launched the automatic data feeds feature. Over 500 hotels now get utility data automatically updated into Green Engage so they can focus on analysing the reports and implementing Green Solutions. Green Engage is also now linked to the Automated Wheel so you can see how your hotel is tracking against your KPOs.

How does Green Engage work?
Hotels input their site data into Green Engage. The system automatically generates reports to help them understand their impacts. Green Engage then advises hotels on the actions they can take to reduce their impacts.

Green Engage provides owners with advice on every aspect of the hotel lifecycle from picking a suitable site, to selecting the correct lighting for the hotel through to choosing responsible cleaning materials and providing staff training on sustainability.

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