Introducing Chime Live, just one of our event partner Encore's Hybrid Meeting Solutions. Chime Live is designed to help overcome the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together for your event. While the Australian Government's COVID-19 social distancing restrictions are in place, Chime Live works to connect everyone in your group via live stream, enabling you to carry on with keynote presentations, topic streams and breakouts as planned.

This seamless event technology can be utilised to stream live conferences from Macarthur's Ballroom to smaller event venues across the resort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your group, or to ensure attendees working from home can receive the presentation in real time. Meanwhile, the interactive features available on the platform help to overcome distractions and keep engagement levels high.

Would you like to explore using Chime Live for your next event? Reach out to our team:

T:  07 5530 1234