Dial up the drama for your next event with holographic technology

The Eventful Life

The expectations of event audiences have shifted dramatically during the past decade. Audiences now are seeking innovative and immersive event experiences. They want futuristic concepts, compelling content and an experience that plays on all the senses.

The meeting and events team from InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, believe one of the key ways companies can add theatre and surprise to their events is through holographic technology.

InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort is the first Australian property to offer 3D holographic technology as part of its outdoor event production packages for corporate clients and group events.

The resort’s new generation holographic technology enables clients to capture an audience’s attention with high definition, 3D displays that are projected onto large hologauze screens that appear to float above the still waters of the property’s one-acre Lagoon Beach Pool.

In collaboration with their long-term in-house audio visual and event production company, Encore Event Technology, InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, is dialling up the drama for its onsite events. Companies holding events at the resort can harness the power of holographic technology by using it for:

Product launches

Imagine being a car manufacturer launching a luxury new vehicle to a group of high-end customers. Using holographic technology, the manufacturer can bring their new vehicle to life with high-definition moving visuals of the car’s development journey from conception and design, to on-road performance. The holographic display over the Lagoon Beach Pool at Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort lends itself to life-size visuals of the car driving across the still waters of the lagoon. Audience members close to the shoreline can almost touch the car as the visuals take the audience on a tour of its luxury interior and engine. Surround sound choreographed to match the onscreen movement envelopes guests as they soak up the product reveal and hear the overlayed narration.

Branding events

Pretend for a moment you’re introducing a new division of a business. Your audience consists of senior company managers keen to know how and why the brand has been established, what services it will offer and how it will be presented to market. Holographic technology will bring your new brand’s logo, branding, story, tone of voice and service offering to life with an immersive experience that incorporates music and moving 3D imagery. Your audience will be guided on a brand journey infused with a mesmerising display of colour, sound and movement that not only engages stakeholders but makes the right kind of impact.


The best kind of stories capture your audience’s attention and never give it back. With the help of holographic technology, your business can curate compelling visual stories using mixed media content that includes pre-recorded or live holographic displays. Consider beaming in your company’s revered CEO to deliver a pre-recorded message as he walks on water, directly addressing delegates. Or add a touch of theatre to your event by overlaying video conferencing technology to project a live holographic display of someone to speak at an event. In this instance, the projection and image are live, and audience members can ask questions and talk in real-time to their CEO or a guest who is beamed in to join an event then and there.

Brand immersion

Immerse your audience in your brand or company story by taking them on a visual journey they can connect with or feel inspired by. Using a combination of pre-recorded or live messages from key people, on-brand graphic displays and mixed media content, this level of technology will bring dimension, colour, emotion and pace to your brand story. Engage your audience with a 3D presentation that includes a compelling story fleshed out with colourful graphics that appear to jump out of the hologauze screen and are reflected in the dark waters of the resort’s Lagoon Beach Pool. The resort’s event production team will work closely with you to design a display that helps delegates to connect with and relate to your brand experience.


The latest generation of holographic technology will make your guests feel like they’re in a 21st Century sci-fi movie. High resolution visuals that are larger than life create a childlike sense of wonder for your audience, which they won’t quickly forget. The power of holographic technology, particularly when it’s used in an unconventional setting such as InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort’s Lagoon Beach Pool can transform any presentation into an event highlight.

“This is truly remarkable technology that our corporate clients can leverage to create memorable events that will get everyone talking,” resort General Manager Matt Rippin said. “Our Encore team has a global network of AV specialists for any international pre-recorded content requirements and will work closely with each client to create holographic displays that will bring the WOW factor to any event.”

For more information or to book an event contact InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort’s meetings and events team on 07 5636 6757 or E: sales.sanctuarycove@ihg.com



March 4, 2020