Jetpack dreams: Discovering new heights for event success with Jetpack Events

unique events and meeting with Jetpack shows on the lagoon beach pool happen everyday at InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort on the Gold Coast
The Eventful Life

InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort goes behind-the-scenes with Jetpack Events very own Ritchie Gregg.

Inspired by James Bond and brought to life with Jetpack Events: we’re making a big call here to say you’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Jetpack Events has burst into action with its awe-inspiring jetpacking shows for the thrill-seekers, the curious and the spectators in us all! Whichever camp you fall into, you can be sure you’re in for a game-changing experience at InterContinental

We caught up with the charismatic (and adrenaline fuelled!) Ritchie Gregg from Jetpack Events to uncover the insider scoop on all things jetpacking, how to add that je ne sais quoi to your next event and what it takes to turn pro.

Settle in, harness up and get ready to take your next event to new heights!

InterContinental: Let’s start at the start. What is jetpacking and how does it all work?

Ritchie: Jetpacking is incredible fun. The actual JETPACK is a bit like a backpack; you’re strapped in by a five-point safety harness with two hand controls that are used to steer you left, right, up and down. Jetpacking is a water-powered device so the water propels you from a 20 meter hose, which is forced into two jet nozzles on the JETPACK, lifting you above the water. We have HEADZONE communication helmets for talking (…or listening to music!) and the experience is completely safe and unbelievably fun! There is also the jet boots or flyboard which is a bit like Ironman, the water lifts you under your feet. It is also the easiest one to fly.

InterContinental: How would you describe the impact a jetpacking show has on a conference? Do you find it wakes up delegates? Motivates them? Inspires new energy?

Ritchie: It is something completely different and the jetpack shows really change the attitude towards a typical conference. No one ever expects to see a Jetski – let alone a jetpack – in the pool of a hotel. There is a certain energy around every show we have done.

InterContinental: How does the jetpacking experience change when you move from the ocean to the beach lagoon?

Ritchie: As a performer, we love it. Changing environments, particular something like a beach lagoon, adds a whole new element of risk, but at the same time offers more of a private, intimate feeling.

InterContinental: Can delegates try jetpacking out for themselves? Or it is just for show?

Ritchie: Yes for sure! Take the 2016 GoPro athlete summit where we hosted some of the world’s top athletes at the Resort. Directly behind the InterContinental, there is the perfect area for private jetpack experience – and it’s only 2 minutes’ walk from a delegate’s room! We have a pre-flight briefing on land with instructions and safety briefs, so if delegates do wish to be part of the action, the water is all theirs!

InterContinental: Is it possible to theme a jetpack show to a specific conference agenda or event?

Ritchie: Absolutely. Each jetpacking show is tailored to suit the theme. Our most popular is the ‘party theme’ where we mash up some of the current hits, with some old school hits, and then sync the moves and pyro to the music. The ambience is incredible; we always see someone singing or dancing to the beats. We have a wonderfully creative team where we can theme it to anything – we have even had a waiter in a jetpack serve drinks!

InterContinental: What we’re all curious to know: What does it take to become a pro? Is there extensive training or a particular license required?

Ritchie: Anyone can jetpack. Our youngest was 4 years old and oldest 84 (who had 20% vision!) but when it comes to shows, yes it takes years of practice. Our performers have performed worldwide and we are the longest running Jetpack hire company and also the largest operator in the world. We have many instructors coming out to Australia just to train with us and be part of one of our unique shows. We also other locations in Sydney, Perth and Sunshine Coast.


With InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort offering a playground of possibilities to enhance your next meeting or event, we’re offering a very special offer from Jetpack Events. For events valued at over $50,000, you will receive a complimentary Jetpacking  show at the Resort.

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September 15, 2017