A New Perspective On Reconnecting

The Balanced Life

It is the paradox of the modern age: reconnecting without connecting.

We have become a nation of over-worked and over-consumed go-getters, moving from one target to the next with extreme precision: the work project, the school run, the daily grind. And – an unintended consequence – among the routine of life, we have managed to become a nation of annual leave hoarders.

The numbers painted a bleak outlook: On average, Australians are sitting on 21 days of unused leave. Compared to the rest of the globe, we also seem to host a slight misunderstanding: 48 per cent of Australians believe they need to be in the job at least one year before taking annual leave, despite it accruing daily, compared with 13 per cent of British workers and 30 per cent of Kiwis who held the same view – according to Expedia. Worse still, in 2015, 11 per cent of Australians took no annual leave at all.

“Australians are working more on their holidays than any other nationality we surveyed,” said Scott Wegener from TripAdvisor. So, if we accept that perhaps, for now, we are still on our way to learning the art of the complete switch off, could we find a better balance?

With the numbers swimming close to mind, we set about unearthing a few misconceptions and exploring a new algorithm to relax, recoup and reconnect – without the chaos of connecting.

Stretch into the right frame of mind

Start your holiday by realigning your mind and body and how they move together. Pilates is the perfect way to harmonise your body’s balance with the added bonus of soaking up the sounds of Sanctuary Cove. Inside the Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club, you will find the renowned PMP Studios blending world-class Reformer Pilates and Pilates Barre-based classes within a welcoming and relaxed environment. For something a little less physical and slightly more indulgent, treat yourself to a massage therapy session within the PMP Studios or melt away the tension with a hot stones, therapeutic or aromatherapy massage at Champions Hair Beauty Day Spa in the heart of the Marine Village.

Bask in the sands of relaxation

While we can quick to trade the reality for the virtual, the beauty of nature is waiting right before us. Our one-acre beach lagoon pool is perhaps the most serene playground to settle the mind and float away your worries. With 4.2 hectares of lush grounds to explore, discover the lost art of wandering and roam among the Resort’s friendly kangaroos, the lagoon’s bean bag lounges and stunning Fountain Terrace.

If laying still is not quite for you, we found the perfect lagoon read by yoga guru and spiritual philosopher, Max Strom, to recalibrate your balance (literally!)

Remove your phone as cutlery collateral

Knife, fork, spoon, iPhone: all too often we allow our phones to settle on the table with ease. Holidays should reignite the intimacy and ritual of dining – and nowhere does this quite like Sanctuary Cove. High Coffee inside The Fireplace was designed in 2016 among the philosophy of coffee and conversation; a tradition of reconnecting over fine delicacies, sweets and savouries (and perhaps a cheeky espresso martini or two).

For a family affair to remember, keep the tribe together with the Resort’s famous Saturday seafood buffet at Cove Café or wander into the Marine Village to discover a night of memories among the marina. We love Black Angus Bar & Grill, George’s Paragon and The Cove Tavern for guaranteed family fun!

While we know we may never fully relax without the assurance of connectivity, there is certainly an art to reconnecting with nature, with your family – and most importantly, with yourself – before it gets too late. In a world where we want it all, let us create the perfect itinerary for you these holidays and we’ll craft a getaway that leaves you recharged and en route to a better Monday!

February 14, 2017