Our five top tips for keeping healthy while travelling

five tips to travel healthy
The Balanced Life

International travel is can often disrupt the healthy daily routines we have in everyday life. Whether it be our exercise regime, our sleep patterns, or our changing appetites. There are plenty of ways to keep healthy when travelling so that you reach your destination feeling even more full of energy than before.

1. Skip airport fast food

If you’re spending a lot of time on airport layovers or waiting at gates, there is a temptation to get a chocolate bar from the vending machine or get a quick McDonalds meal on your way through. There’s no avoiding those pangs of hunger – so why not plan for them instead. Pack granola bars and trail mix in your hand luggage, ask for fresh fruit on the plane or prepare easy-to-travel lunch boxes at home.

2. Keep hydrated

You need to keep hydrated when travelling – luckily there’s usually no shortage of water on planes so be sure to ask for water each time the air stewardess comes round and picking up a bottle from the fridges when you stretch your legs down the aisle.

3. Sync yourself to your new time zone

As soon as you get on your plane, change your phone to the current time at your new destination, and keep an eye on it throughout your flight. Keep yourself going until at least 8pm in the new time zone. Your body will fall in to a new routine more quickly than if you nap throughout the flight, which will mean you’ll keep awake long enough to explore your new destination.

4. Wear yoga pants on-flight

And, pack a travel mat. This way you are totally ready for a few easy stretches in the airport lounge during layovers – it’ll fend off any cramps from long-haul flights and give you more energy to take on the next leg of your journey. Not to mention yoga pants are incredible comfy to travel in, and are often designed to help with leg circulation which is crucial while on a plane.

5. Practise breathing

If you can consciously direct your thoughts to your breath—silently saying “in” while you inhale and “out” while you exhale— you may be able to train yourself to find moments of mindfulness and true relaxation while travelling. This can help with any anxiety you have about your trip, or the flight, and can put you in a great, calm state of mind for when you arrive at your destination. 

March 15, 2018