Top 5 spring wedding flowers

Wedding flowers

Spring weddings are eternally popular, with many couples opting to wed at this time of year due to the warmer weather and abundance of gorgeous flowers. With spring comes a huge selection of vivid, brightly hued blooms that can be perfectly paired with your wedding styling – and we all know how important this element is at a wedding. Here, we’ve rounded up the top five spring flowers to include in your big day.  


The elusive peony is a popular wedding flower that blooms in late spring – a small two-week window in November, to be exact. Plush, luscious and sweetly scented, the peony packs a punch with its dramatic elegance and they’re perfect to take your wedding styling to sophisticated heights. Keep in mind that peonies can be expensive, so you may want to keep their use to your bouquet only; or, if you have the budget, why not go all-out and scatter them wherever you can.   

David Austin roses

David Austin roses are slightly similar to Peonies in that they are a full, plush rose when in full bloom and can add a dramatic, stunning element to a bouquet or table setting. Available in an array of pretty colours, shapes, and variants, David Austin roses are always a popular choice for spring weddings. Whether you want to add pastel peach or pink hues, you can find almost any variant to suit your style.    


The scent alone is enough to want to include lilac in your wedding bouquet, but it’s also the delicate cascading nature of the lilac that brings an element of whimsy and beauty to your spring wedding style. The eye-catching purple hue encompasses spring, harmony and peace and is a gorgeous flower for bouquets and table settings.  

Calla Lily

Timeless, classic and eternally elegant, lilies are the traditional bride’s ideal flower for their purity and beauty. With their long stems and fluted opening, they make a perfect bouquet on their own. Bunch nothing but calla lilies together in a waterfall-style bouquet and, rather than holding them in the traditional style, cradle them with two hands for a unique effect. These flowers will set of a classic white wedding perfectly and can be used in both ceremony and reception styling.   


Exuding a romantic, flirty, fun feel and often used to convey a natural look, these delicate flowers would be the perfect finishing touch in your spring wedding arrangement. An anemone bouquet might just be the way you decide to brighten up your big day. They're cheerful and happy, two descriptors that should adequately sum up the vibe of your nuptials and can add a little extra colour and personality to any spring wedding.

August 14, 2018