Top 5 surf breaks on the Gold Coast

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The never-ending Australian coastline is a playground for sun-seekers and swell-dwellers, with the eastern coastline providing a huge stretch of beaches perfect for the avid surfer. Here, we round up the top five surf beaches on the Gold Coast, all of which are within reach from InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort. We hope you enjoy the shred and get a hang ten!


At Narrowneck and Fingal, the local council installed an artificial reef that helped create the quality waves in this area. Surfer have a lot to thank them for! When the surf peaks the reef can provide some of the best rides on any open stretch. Fingal relies on sand to fill in the gaps and prefers a north easterly swell. Not recommended for beginners due to the reef being tricky to navigate, but when the water is calm it can be an ideal spot for stand-up paddle boarding.


The name says it all – this break is every surfer’s paradise. This popular hot spot is a wipe-out wonderland. The beach can at times be crowded, but once you pass the crowds, you’ll find endless, clean waves ideal for shredding. It may be the top tourist spot on the Gold Coast, but it is undoubtedly a surf break you can rely on, with waves breaking both left and right.


Located in Coolangatta, this stretch of sand that encompasses Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Kirra and also lives up to its name of being a ‘super’ bank of sand to find some stellar surf. The Superbank's break is at the very top of must-do experiences for avid surfers, and is home to the annual Quicksilver Pro surfing competition. Here, sand has been pumped from The Tweed since February 2001 to prevent erosion on Gold Coast beaches, which has in turn (and more importantly) helped to create the perfect wave.


An absolute favourite in the hearts of Gold Coast surfers, this stunning surf spot is set in front of granite boulders and lush national park. This break was the birth place of the man-on-man surf competition in 1977 and promises a great time for surfers at all levels. Prior to the introduction of The Superbank, locals would agree it’s one of the most consistent waves on the Gold Coast. It is a high-performance break that offers perfect waves for surfers who manage to get over the boulders leading up to the break and past the strong current.


Another fantastic break for surfers at all levels, Currumbin Alley is another popular Gold Coast surf spot. If you’re a beginner, there’s a whitewash wave that’s protected from the southerly winds; and for more advanced surfers, you’ll find a right-hand point break that wraps around the point and brings you in towards and past the creek. Although the paddle in can be a little long and look like it might go on forever, the long rides in return will all be worth it! 

May 31, 2018