Top Five Wedding Trends

David Carlo from InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort with Bride
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Many of our InterContinental Sanctuary Cove brides will recognise David Carlo as the Wedding Executive who skillfully (and stylishly) guided them through their ‘big day’ with last-minute hair touches and calming pep-talks. For the Resort, David is one of our go-to executives for wedding-white pearls of wisdom, which is exactly why we asked him to pick out the ‘Top Five Trends’ he’s seeing in 2017/2018.

Geode & Agate

Geode & agate are becoming increasingly popular in wedding styling and décor, and are set to carry through into 2018. Both graced with natural beauty, geodes are rocks lined with crystals while agate features bands of vibrant and soft hues and are widely believed to hold nurturing properties. I’m seeing less of the ‘naked’ cake, and way more of the traditional white cake given a contemporary twist thanks to geode décor peeping through the icing. I recently saw an ‘amethyst’ wedding cake that just blew me away – especially as it tied in with the romantic lilac hues interweaved in the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid’s dresses! From table settings, placemats, wedding invites and more – geode & agate are taking over rose-gold in the styling stakes, making their way firmly into the modern brides ‘most pinned’ on Pinterest.

Tall Wedding Cakes

After an in-depth consultation with my fashion bible, Vogue, it seems when it comes to wedding cakes, ‘elegance is once again on the rise’ and the rustic, a natural look is on the decline. Vogue is banishing cupcake towers in favour of ‘The tall, elegant, and imposing iced cake’ which is considered timeless and visually offers a heightened sense of drama when utilised as the backdrop for wedding photographs.

Donut Walls

Candy Bars? Out. Donut Walls? In. These days, our brides are lavishing much more attention upon frosted and deep-fried rings than on their beloved sparklers. Why? Not only will they win all your guests over, it makes a totally delicious – and experiential - backdrop to your dessert display. The ultimate wedding-ready culinary accessory!

Flower Walls, Hangings, Runners…

The moment Pantone confirmed that their ‘2017 Colour Of The Year’ was a ‘refreshing and revitalising’ shade named ‘Greenery’, was the moment brides started taking their floral décor to the next level. Even though Sanctuary Cove Resort provides a natural canvas of tropical flora, couples are still giving way to flower-power with grand canopy installations above bridal tables, leafy table runners laced with seasonal blossoms and flower crowns. In short, you may want to reconsider appointing your 7-year old niece with the ever-growing role of ‘Flower Girl’ – it isn’t as simple as it used to be!

Unplugged Ceremonies 

Because we are living in a millennial world and I am a millen- alright, tailored Madonna lyrics aside, in a social –savvy world where every moment goes live on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc. within the hour, you want to make sure you’re happy with what guests are posting on your wedding day. Personally, I’m a supporter of the ‘unplugged ceremony’, you want all of your guests to be present in your special moment and you definitely don’t want photo-hungry members of the congregation getting in the way of your official photographers! 


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September 22, 2017