World Smile Day 2017

World Smile Day at InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort
The Eventful Life

This Friday 6 October, InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort will celebrate World Smile Day by spreading smiles, kind acts and good cheer throughout the Resort. Founded by artist, Harvey Ball, this internationally-celebrated day is devoted to promoting the mantra, ‘Help one person smile’. Here at the Resort, we aim to make our guests smile each day through excellent service, personal touches and promoting guest love at each and every touch point. The team take great pride in helping our guests capture the essence of the Gold Coast from a local's perspective and unearth a luxury holiday that gifts memorable moments to be cherished for years to come.

For our guests, reclining on lagoon-facing beach chairs, amongst frangipani trees, tropical gardens and families of kangaroos, it’s hard not to smile. Our guest’s smiles are the measure of our success; so we’ve connected with the team at InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort to reflect on how our guests return the favour by making us smile each working day.

Christian Espino, Chief of Concierge. “Creating memories and unforgettable moments for our guests whether it be through performing one of my signature magic tricks or delivering on an almost impossible request is my job, and I love it!” 

Matt Rippin, General Manager. “As a parent of two to my beloved Kody and Jade, I smile every time I see hear the laughter of children in our Resort. It reminds me of the joy we bring to many families and the lifelong memories we are helping to create.” 

Ashley Britnell, Director of Sales. “I smile every time I hear or read a guest comment that lets us know they love the Resort just as much as I do.  If they also mention that they will return soon, I smile that little bit more knowing we have the chance to blow them away once again!”

Jolanda Cook, Senior Business Development Manager. “Building relationships with clients and getting on the ‘same page’ with them when organising events makes me smile.”

Stephanie New, Conference & Events Manager. “Seeing the pure joy and emotion of a groom as the beautiful love of his life walks down the aisle towards him in our stunning glass chapel makes my job the greatest in the world.”

Carly Green, Human Resources Manager. “For me it's the stories and relationships I have built with the team Resort-wide. There is nothing greater than passing a colleague or guest in the hallway, greeting them with a simple hello and ten minutes later still being there getting lost in an anecdote about their day. You can't pay for the smile that comes from creating connections with the people around you.”

Discover more about what makes our staff and guests smile at InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort.

October 6, 2017